We are WeeDutch, an European wholesaler of advancement and superior cannabinoids. We work with partners to integrate innovative technologies with healthy cannabis to create standardised dosage options for patients and educating users about the individual effects and combinatorial effects of cannabinoids.

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WeeDutch originated from the vision that nature is rich in beautiful, healthy ingredients and raw materials. WeeDutch’s mission is to develop the full potential of cannabinoids and make it available in Europe to those who need it. Providing good information about cannabinoids is thereby extremely important. At WeeDutch we offer high-quality medically certified cannabinoids. We offer bulk CBD products but also wholesale private label solutions. 

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Energising formulation

Our test method-mediated screenings of more than 28.000 samples of 100 mg (0.1 gram) revealed some extraordinary, physically en mentally activating, so called activator strains. It ‘’uppers’’ all sensory systems and in high dosage (5 units) it is hard to fall in sleep.

It is a cannabinoid-potion based powder derived from these strains. It has an opposite effect compared to the sleeping cannabis derivates. This activator profile has a strong activating and a strong anti-sleep effect.

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