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We are WeeDutch, an Full Vertical Integrated European supplier of advancement and superior cannabinoids. We work with partners to integrate innovative technologies with healthy cannabis to create standardised dosage options for patients and educating users about the individual effects and combinatorial effects of cannabinoids.

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WeeDutch is a story of friendship, dedication to exacting principles, and swift success. Founded in the fertile south in the Netherlands by three best friends who have known one another since high school, WeeDutch has grown rapidly. Our carefully selected team and partners includes top chemists and extractors, and many locals who have been trained to carry out highly technical jobs. A strong sense of pride runs through the company as we share our mission to create the highest quality hemp cannabinoid products possible.

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WeeDutch is the Europe leader in cannabis biomass cultivation, and wholesale manufacturing of private label CBD products. Our expert team and our partners guarantee a consistent, compliant, and premium private label or wholesale product. From the cultivation and farming of our hemp crops to wholesale manufacturing, white label customization and consumer and e-commerce retail sales, vertical integration is a key operational strategy at WeeDutch cross all of our core lines of business.

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