5 Ways To Utilize CBD Crude Paste

5 Ways To Utilize CBD Crude Paste

CBD comes in a wide range of forms, potencies, and consistencies to suit the needs of different consumers. No matter what you are looking for, you can always find a product that appeals to your wants and needs. CBD is available as oils, gummies, edibles, vapes, distillates, flowers, hash, moonrocks, isolates, and crude paste. You have probably heard about most of these products, but what do you know about CBD crude? Have you tried it? This piece explores everything you need to know about this potent form of CBD that is gradually taking over the CBD scene.

It is important to note that hemp-derived CBD products containing less than 0.3% THC are legal in most countries/states but still illegal in other states/countries. Ensure you check out local laws, especially when making orders to avoid being on the wrong side of the law. 

What is CBD paste?

CBD paste is a dense liquid made of oil, butter, wax, and CBD extract. Unlike other CBD products, such as edibles, oils, and tinctures, CBD crude past is more potent/concentrated and thicker in consistency. The paste is primarily sold in syringes to make administration more straightforward and facilitate proper dosage. Using a dropper would be a challenging task to execute to the thickness of the paste. 

A few companies add CBD paste to oils such as MCT oil. CBD paste is recommended for people who need or want to take higher doses of CBD either for their specific situation or because smaller doses do not work for them. CBD paste does not contain more than 0.3% THC, meaning it does not have any psychoactive effects. You will not get high when using it. Shop CBD pastes from respectable companies that give their customers complete COA/3rd party lab reports.

If you find it difficult to find higher doses of CBD through the usual oil or gummies, CBD paste is your best bet. You can get it from legit manufacturers that use third-party testing. Its high concentration makes it easier for people dealing with chronic pain and nausea brought about by cancer. The high CBD dosage helps relieve some of the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, such as nausea, vomiting, and lack of appetite. This allows the patients to have an improved quality of life. 

How to use CBD paste

So, how exactly do you use CBD crude paste? Here are 5 ways you can utilize CBD crude paste:

Add it to foods

You can use CBD paste the same way you use CBD oil if the paste has been mixed with a carrier oil such as MCT oil. While it comes in a syringe, you can still push it out and add it to different types of foods. The paste is a highly fatty substance; it does not mix well with all foods. Ensure you combine it with hot food or blend it into butter and spread it on crackers or bread.

Place it under your tongue.

You can take it sublingually by placing it under your tongue and waiting for it to dissolve. This means you will have to keep it in your mouth for upto 5 minutes for maximum absorption. While this will work, unflavored crude oil may have a repulsive taste. However, this area is rich in blood vessels that absorb the CBD, leading to almost instant effects (10 to 20minutes). After 5 minutes, swallow the remaining crude oil.

Eat it straight from the syringe.

Swallowing the paste is much better than letting it dissolve under your tongue. This is because the more time it remains in your mouth, the higher the chances of it sticking to your teeth and delaying the effects. You may need to take it with some water to swallow it properly.

Apply it directly to your skin

If you have common skin condition symptoms like itching and dryness, you can apply CBD paste on your skin since it has anti-inflammatory properties to help ease those symptoms. CBD is beneficial for treating eczema and a host of other skin diseases like dermatitis, psoriasis, and acne. 

Make capsules

Capsules allow you to consume CBD crude paste without experiencing the original flavor. They also facilitate an exact dosage. Find readymade empty shells and fill them with the paste. Once you have done that, your capsules will be ready, and you can take them according to your desired dosage.

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Benefits and drawbacks of CBD paste

There is no denying the amazing benefits of CBD.  This is why the market is abuzz with a wide range of products like edibles, tinctures, creams, cosmetics, and oils. CBD paste has many potential benefits, and its versatility is by far its best quality. You can literally use this product in whatever way you wish and still manage to get desirable results.

Many manufacturers mix the CBD crude paste with natural oils like hemp or coconut oil for easy consumption. Others infuse it with butter, which means you can take it in so many different ways, which we have discussed above. While products with CBD have been tried and tested, CBD paste is a relatively new product. CBD crude paste has increasingly become popular, and here are its unique qualities:

  1. Uniform, high potency
  2. You only need a small amount of the paste
  3. .It is cost-friendly compared to other CBD products
  4. CBD paste does not have additives, and if they exist, they are in low profiles. The paste has a good safety profile 
  5. You can use the paste to make edibles or capsules

Just like any good thing, there are drawbacks. Here are the drawbacks of CBD paste:

  •  It is a thick substance and may stick to your gums
  • CBD paste has a strong grassy flavor
  •  If you do not know how to use the syringe, you may consume too much

Where to buy CBD crude paste in bulk/wholesale

Grow your business with high-quality medical cannabis products from Weedutch. With us, you get to benefit from solid support and guidance as you expand your business. We manufacture premium CO2 extracted CBD Crude and THC-free crude paste that you can use as-is or create a myriad of products. Whichever your choice, Weedutch will be there, providing the best value, safe and high-quality products, technical and customer support, and a wide range of products. Besides the crude oil, we also stock cannabidiol oil, distillates, vapes, isolates, flowers, and hash.

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