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Our team of experts is committed to providing our clients with a consistent supply of high-quality cannabis-based products. Our commitment to quality control ensures that every cannabinoid product is rigorously tested and carefully monitored to ensure optimal safety and effectiveness. Through our research and development efforts, we are dedicated to enhancing the world by gaining a deeper understanding of the advantages of medicinal cannabis and its potential to enhance the lives of millions of individuals globally.

Utilizing over 30 years of research by Dr. Ir. Ronald Glas on the individual and collective impacts of cannabinoids, WeeDutch and its partners have jointly developed multiple cannabinoid formulations that have undergone successful pre-clinical studies.

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WeeDutch offers you the assurance that your product is safe, reliable, of good consistent quality and in compliance with legal requirements. We Deliver. Always. Your success is our goal. That’s why we go the extra mile for you. Our team is dynamic, ambitious and determined. No matter what your needs or requirements are, our team will find an innovative solutions to bring your idea to the market, or your business to the next level.

Expert Consultation

Our team combines decades of experience in the cannabis space. We are knowledgeable about market trends and developing successful cannabinoid formulations.

People have been using cannabis to ensure good health and well-being for thousands of years. However, lack of knowledge and advanced technologies kept them away from securing the most out of what medical cannabis can offer. That’s where we teamed up. To assist companies and organisations explore the maximum potential of cannabis.

Our team at WeeDutch strongly believes that everyone on this planet has the right to receive benefits that come from a naturally occurring plant such as cannabis. We have understood the potential of cannabis, and we are looking forward to bridging the gap that exists between cannabis and people. In order to do that, we are offering a variety of cannabis-based products.

What is HHCP

From Seed to Sale

We started our journey recently, but we could achieve many great things within a short time period. During the initial days we studied cannabinoids with the sole objective of comprehending and decoding the remarkable mechanisms of this plant. We increased our scope of experiments, and we noticed the amazing benefits that cannabinoids can offer. We continuously experiment with cannabinoids and use our knowledge to come up with better products.

While experimenting with cannabis and developing improved product variations based on it, we strive to focus on our ethics, which include sustainability, quality, and strong customer relationships.  

The vision of WeeDutch is to become the leading innovator in offering cannabis-based products to the market. Along with the products we offer, we are looking forward to creating a positive impact on the planet as well.

We ensure the quality and safety of all the products we offer. There aren’t any harsh chemicals included in our products, and all of them come with 100% natural ingredients. Along with the products we offer to the market, we will be promoting happiness, good health, and prosperity. We are looking forward to partnering up with the right entities, who will provide maximum assistance with bringing our products closer to customers arround Europe.



Leendert van de Pol


After more then 40 years of experience in the nutrition industry, Leendert decided to deploy his knowledge and experience as Co-founder at WeeDutch.

Charlotte de Ridder

Charlotte De Ridder


Charlotte de Ridder has over 10 years of experience as an advisor in the financial, legal and commercial field. She worked for law firms, financial institutions and consulting firms in London, Zurich and Milan.

Bas - WeeDutch

Bas van Engelen


Bas has been working for many years to make the synarchy effects of cannaboids, terpenes, vitamins and herbs available to companies and organizations within Europe.


Bert van Loo

Business Development

As a Business Developer Bert seeks to develop and implement growth opportunities, both inside and outside our organization.


Dave Densly


Dave is a Sales Representative at WeeDutch and is one of the EU's top experts in cannabinoids. Dave began working with CBD in 2016, putting him at the forefront of the hemp movement.

From seed to sale

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