Cannabinoid Isolates

Our cannabinoid Isolates are obtained in the chromatography purification process, and result in 99% purity form. Our cannabinoid isolates are used as an intermediate in the production of end products. Our high quality, third-party tested cannabinoid products represent the first choice for many producers because of their highest purity form.

With growing understanding and acceptance of the benefits of cannabinoids in medical applications, the search for natural sources of healing has renewed interest for further development in this field. Standards continue to evolve to make medical Cannabis part of mainstream treatment for various ailments and discomfort. More patients have sworn it provides quick relief and follows a more natural path of interaction with the body’s Endocannabinoid (ECS) system.

Isolates in this application involve separating (isolating) a specific compound among many to extract a particular component. In the case of the Cannabis plant, only the Cannabidiol (CBD) compound is isolated to benefit from its purity, as it is found to create the calming effect. This is also ideal for first-time users as it is mild and devoid of taste and odor.

By removing all other compounds, especially Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which gives that “high” sensation, users are confident that choosing Isolates as their first foray into medical Cannabis is safe and legal.

Typically processed in crystal, powder, or oil form, Cannabinoid Isolates retain their beneficial properties regardless of presentation.

1.   Isolates have anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties.

It is generally known for its calming or sedative effects. However, it has found a following among people with insomnia or anxiety. In addition, it has shown anti-inflammatory properties and aid in pain relief.

2.   Isolates promote a sense of calm and focus.

The human body produces Endocannabinoid (ECS) molecules that are believed to influence sleep, moods, and other bodily functions. Since CBD naturally attaches itself to ECS receptors, our bodies easily accept CBD into the system and enable it to assist in enhancing or regulating certain bodily functions.

3.   Safer and gentler introduction into cannabis use.

Since the psychoactive compound Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which produces the “high” sensation is absent in this form, it is generally regarded as a safer and more leisurely introduction to new users of this method. It is also odorless, colorless, and tasteless, thus eliminating any possible distasteful side effects for some people.

4.   Can be incorporated into many products.

CBD Isolate is an ingredient in some alternative medicinal products like chewable tablets, skin creams, and oils that are ingested and kept in the mouth; this way, more CBD is absorbed by the body. However, since people have unique reactions to this compound, trying different methods and doses to determine which one works best is recommended.

Because we make our own patented products right in our home country, the Netherlands, we assure you of the purity and direct communication with us. We cater to wholesale or bulk order requirements with large quantities available for purchase. Taking out middlemen as a B2B seller ensures fair pricing and ease of transaction. We understand the demand for quality in wholesale orders, so get in touch with us for a sample.

Our manufacturing process ensures that the requirements of business owners have the guarantee of quality and safe handling of products. As we process our Cannabinoid Isolates in powder form, orders are fulfilled in kilograms (kg). In addition, we process payment with an assurance of a safe and secure payment channel for all orders.

We are a reliable wholesale supplier of Cannabinoid Isolates

With 20 years of experience and more than 40,000 cannabis samples tested, with us, you have a guarantee of a competent and scientifically-inclined wholesale supplier with no compromises.

Our products are backed by data and research.

At WeeDutch, we strongly believe in the many breakthroughs Cannabis treatment has helped heal ailments, and relief from discomfort. Therefore, we not only sell products but also do research to improve and usher CBD-based treatments into the mainstream continuously.

We sell value to businesses.

With our active involvement in promoting acceptance of this alternative, your orders go beyond just another CBD seller—we research, share and educate people about medical Cannabis.

We offer worry-free, natural remedy.

As we strive to normalize the perception of Cannabis’s role in the medical field, we understand people’s many concerns about the treatment. Our mission has years of research that consistently reveal the benefits of nature’s creation in providing relief from many ailments and discomfort.

We help spread the word about giving people a choice.

As a B2B supplier of Cannabinoid Isolates, we provide business owners and their customers with a gentler way of promoting medical Cannabis without the stigma of a psychoactive drug. By letting people explore how CBD interacts with their bodies, we can make acceptance easier.

Get in touch with us and see how we can help your business grow and help promote Mother Nature’s gifts to many people in need of a safe and natural remedy. Through your orders, we can help people make better choices.

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