CBD Vapes: What Are They And Why Are They So Popular?

CBD Vapes What Are They And Why Are They So Popular

For the last few years, Vaping has been the leading cannabis-delivery method adopted by consumers who want instant cannabinoid effects. The consumption method provides the fastest way to get cannabis in the system compared to smoking, edibles, sublinguals, or topicals. This is because, when vaped, cannabinoids go to the lungs, where they are immediately absorbed in the bloodstream and enter the Central Nervous System by crossing the blood-brain barrier. CBD vapes are the devices people use to consume CBD by vaporizing it. The devices contain CBD vape juice, which delivers a myriad of mental and physical benefits to the consumer. This piece explains everything you need to know about vaping CBD, including the right products to use and how to harness maximum benefits from vaping. 

What is CBD vape juice?

CBD vape juice, aka CBD e-liquids or CBD vape oil, is a combination of CBD extract, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, and flavorings. The food-grade ingredients (PG & VG) are added to make it suitable for vaping. 

  1. PG- propylene glycol is a colorless liquid with a low viscosity. It provides an experience (throat hit) similar to smoking cigarettes. 

  2. VG- vegetable glycerin comes from vegetable oil and has a high viscosity. It balances with PG to create a base liquid with the ideal consistency to support dense vapor clouds when vaping. 

The CBD extract is added to a nicotine-free e-liquid with the ingredients highlighted above and vaped. Keep in mind that the CBD vape juice created from this mix is different from CBD oil and CBD tinctures. 

Can you vape CBD oil and Tinctures? What makes CBD vape juice different?

No. You cannot and should not vape CBD oil or CBD tinctures. These products contain CBD mixed with MCT oil or hemp seed oil, both of which should not be vaped since they can pose serious medical issues. Vaping MCT oil has been associated with lipoid pneumonia, a condition that causes breathing complications, coughing blood, weight loss, fever, and death.  

CBD vape juice is vapable since it contains a base liquid with ingredients that support safe and non-toxic vaping. PG and VG are the building blocks of vaping e-liquids used in e-cigarettes. Any liquid without these ingredients is not in any state to be vaped. 

Top things you need to know about CBD vape juice 

What does CBD vape juice taste like?

Unflavored CBD vape juice has a natural, earthy taste that most consumers do not enjoy. To mask the taste, brands add flavorings that give the CBD vape juice a variety of flavors ranging from fruity to menthol, dessert, tobacco, and candy. 

What are the various types of CBD vape juice available?

CBD vape juice is available in 3 different types; 


Full-spectrum CBD vape juice contains all the compounds found in a hemp plant. This includes cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, fats, and lipids. This kind of vape is famous and preferred for its ability to produce heightened effects, aka the entourage effect. 


This type of CBD e-liquids contains all the ingredients found in full-spectrum vape juice minus THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis with psychoactive properties. 


A CBD vape juice isolate refers to pure CBD. No other cannabinoids or plant compounds are present. People seeking to harness the benefits of CBD solely seek this type of product. The market is full of CBD isolates, and some of the products fall below the standard purity levels. Working with a reputable brand guarantees quality, safe, and reliable products. 

CBD strength and dosage 

CBD vape juices come in varying strengths. The CBD content is displayed in mg/ml. To calculate the amount of CBD to consume, take the mg and divide it by the ml. For example, if the vape juice is in a 30ml bottle and contains 1500mg of CBD, take the 1500 and divide it by 30 to get 50mg – the amount of CBD per ml. This way, if the vape device contains 0.5ml capacity, you know that when you fill it with vape juice, it will contain 25mg of CBD (since it’s half an ml). 

If you have a 1ml capacity, the amount of CBD will be 50mg. If it’s 2ml, the amount of CBD will be 100mg. Knowing the calculation makes it easy to know how much CBD you have consumed if you vape a quarter, half, or a whole cartridge or vape tank. The best approach is to take the lowest dose (a puff) and examine how it affects you. Increase the dose until you attain your desired effects.

What are the benefits and effects of CBD vapes?

CBD vapes have become so popular due to the numerous benefits and positive effects they provide to consumers seeking to improve their overall health and wellness. These include;

Alleviates anxiety and depression: CBD has powerful anxiolytic and antidepressant properties that help improve moods and support a positive mind frame. The cannabinoid interacts with the human endocannabinoid system at various molecular levels to bring about a host of benefits. 

Helps improve sleep patterns: numerous studies conducted on CBD have indicated that the cannabinoid effectively induces sleep and maintains regular and prolonged sleep patterns. Its calming effect helps one easily fall asleep, especially when taken in high doses right before going to bed. 

Has powerful pain-relieving properties: CBD’s analgesic properties is the primary reason why many medical cannabis patients seek this cannabinoid. CBD is effective at combating aches, tension, pain, and inflammation. 

Vape Liquids Isolate

How to use CBD vape devices

CBD vape devices (vape pens, pod kits, and others) work exactly as non-CBD or nicotine vapes. It is a straightforward process that you can execute effortlessly. These are the steps to using CBD vape devices;

Step 1: fill your device with your preferred CBD vape juice flavor. If you have a disposable vape, they come ready to use, so turn it on and skip to step 3

Step 2: Let the liquid soak into the wick and coil for 5 to 10 minutes before vaping.

Step 3: take a single puff and check how it affects you before taking another one. Give it an hour or two.

Step 4: increase the dosage until you attain ideal results.

Storing CBD vapes

Vape devices should be stored in a dark, cool place in an upright position to avoid clogs and spills. Sunlight and heat compromise the quality and potency of cannabinoids, so avoid leaving them in cars or outside. Keep vapes away from children’s reach. 

Where to buy bulk and wholesale CBD vapes

Cut off middlemen and come straight to the source of top-notch, potent CBD vapes – Weedutch. We sell CBD vape extracts, CBD vape liquids full-spectrum, and CBD vape liquids isolates at the most affordable prices. Weedutch is your one-stop shop for CBD vape e-liquids that will build your brand a reputation for top-notch products. We have been in the business for over 10 years, which is an eternity in the CBD scene. We understand the needs of businesses and consumers, and that’s why we strive to create products that meet the needs to a tee. With us, you can be guaranteed safety and efficacy. Some of our top CBD vape products include;

CBD Vape extracts 

High CBN & CBC Vape Extract – 40-45%

XXX Vape Extract – Complex

Energising Vape Extract – Complex

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CBD vape liquid full-spectrum 

Full Spectrum Vape Liquid CBD – 5%

Full Spectrum Vape Liquid CBD – 10%

Full Spectrum Vape Liquid CBD – 15%

Full Spectrum Vape Liquid CBD – 20%

CBD Vape Liquid Full Spectrum – 25% CBD

CBD vape liquids isolates

Vape Liquid CBD – 5%

Vape Liquid CBG – 5%

Vape Liquid CBD – 10%

Vape Liquid CBG – 10%

Vape Liquid CBD – 15%

Vape Liquid CBG – 15%

Vape Liquid CBD – 20%

Vape Liquid CBG – 20%

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