Countries to Watch in the Growing Hemp Industry: Around the World


Since the hemp plant can thrive in a range of environments, it can be grown practically anywhere in the world. Although certain nations continue to impose restrictions on its usage, hemp output as a whole has grown significantly over the past few decades.

Currently, the following nations lead the world in the production of hemp:


China Growing Hemp Industry

Since it is widely acknowledged that it invented hemp, China has long dominated the global hemp market. Today, this nation continues to produce the most commercial hemp each year and is the top exporter of hemp paper, textiles, and biocomposites. The 13th Five-Year Plan for China states that the nation intends to grow 3.2 million hectares of hemp for textile use by 2030. The intention behind this change is to switch cotton out for more environmentally friendly materials.


France cannabis

In Europe, France is without a doubt the market leader for hemp, manufacturing the majority of hemp seeds as well as pulp and paper made from hemp. Between 1993 and 2015, the county generated more than half of the hemp consumed in Europe. One of the most well-known hemp seed and fiber kinds is farmed in France. Additionally, hempcrete (hemp-lime composites) manufacture for the construction industry is a well-known and respected industry in France.


Italy CBD

In the 1940s, Italy surpassed the Soviet Union to become the second-largest hemp producer in the world. At that time, hemp was grown on Italian soil on an area larger than 100,000 hectares. However, hemp output decreased as a result of Italy’s 1961 signing of the Convention on Narcotic Drugs. The Italian hemp business is steadily expanding again because farmers there have just been permitted to produce hemp once more since 2016 in Italy.


In recent years, the Netherlands has improved its standing as a significant player in the European hemp market. The county became the third-largest producer of hemp in Europe in 2016 after increasing its hemp acreage by almost 600 hectares from the year before. Nevertheless, there is concern that a lack of arable land would restrict production, which is why Dutch businesses have begun farming in other European nations.



In the European hemp market, Estonia is quickly establishing itself as a major player. Since 2004, there have been more hemp farms in this little Baltic nation, and each year, farmers grow hemp on thousands of hectares. Most of the hemp produced in Estonia is exported, primarily to Germany. But the 2017-founded Estonian Organic Protein Cooperation seeks to unite Estonian hemp growers in order to support local production of organic hemp-based goods.


CBD United Kingdom

Since 1993, the United Kingdom has grown into a significant manufacturer of paper, textiles, and animal bedding made from hemp. The nation received governmental financing to expand the markets for unprocessed hemp fibers. It is also regarded as the biggest producer of CBD products and medical marijuana in the world. Due to its usage in the production of ship sails and naval rigging, hemp farming was essential to the expansion of the British Empire.



The town of Grindelwald is beautiful. One of Switzerland’s most stunning locations.
In Switzerland, hemp biomass is grown in a very small but continuously expanding area, primarily for CBD extracts. Additionally, the nation has a THC threshold of 1%, which is much greater than that of other European nations. Even for personal use, hemp can be grown without a permit as long as this upper limit is satisfied. The CBD market in Switzerland is anticipated to expand by 39% annually due to rising demand. The nation also intends to end the prohibition on medical marijuana, opening up a controlled market for fresh goods.


Poland cannabinoids

Since 2018, the amount of hemp grown in Poland has increased by over 80%, making it a growing sector. Poland has a huge potential to rank among the top European hemp producers as one of the continent’s greatest agricultural nations. Farmers there have a long history of cultivating hemp, and they have also shown the advantages of utilizing hemp to purify heavy metal-contaminated soil.


Austria hemp

Austria’s hemp sector mostly creates hemp seed oil and health items. Lower Austria is home to the largest hemp-growing region in the nation, where hemp is farmed for the well-known Rapunzel brand of premium organic goods. There, hemp is processed into a variety of meals, including spreads, fruit bars, flour, and muesli.


Lithuania cbd hemp

This tiny nation is already one of the biggest EU hemp producers. Hemp cultivars that have been recognized by the EU can currently be grown in Lithuania for fiber and seeds, but leaves and flowers cannot be processed for anything other than research and development. The initial Lithuanian Hemp Law, which went into effect in 2014, contains these rules. Legislators are seeking to increase the plant’s use, though.

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