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It is understandable why the hydrogenated cannabinoid H4CBD has received so much interest recently given that some sites claim it to be 100 times more effective than CBD. This article will cover all aspects of H4CBD and show how to locate the best H4CBD products on the market. Explore our thorough guide to H4CBD: How it compares to CBD, what it is, and what it accomplishes.

What is the H4CBD cannabinoid?

Four hydrogen atoms are added to the CBD molecule to produce the synthetic cannabinoid known as H4CBD. Making margarine from vegetable oil is quite similar to the procedure used to generate H4CBD.

What is it used for?

Although little is known about H4CBD’s precise qualities, what is known about it suggests that it has a much stronger affinity for CB1 neuroreceptors in your brain than regular CBD. What to make of this information is uncertain because CBD often has no affinity for CB1 receptors. However, users of H4CBD often state that it has a similar effect as CBD but with much more psychoactivity.

Does H4CBD equate to CBD?

No. Although H4CBD and regular CBD are quite close, they are not the same molecule. Simply said, the effects of these two cannabinoids are radically different from one another. Additionally, CBD and H4CBD have fundamentally different chemical structures and methods of production.


How precisely do CBD and H4CBD contrast when compared? Find out how these cannabinoids differ and overlap in each of the following seven categories:


H4CBD and CBD are both derived from hemp. While H4CBD goes through a series of changes, including hydrogenation, to achieve its final state, CBD is a direct hemp derivative. H4CBD must therefore be regarded as a synthetic cannabinoid, despite the fact that it is only as synthetic as margarine. Although it is technically possible to synthesise CBD as well, there is little reason to do so given how prevalent it is in hemp.


H4CBD differs from CBD in that it has undergone structural modification. The “head” of the molecule now has four extra hydrogen atoms, altering its fundamental characteristics.


There is considerable suspicion that H4CBD may be up to 100 times more potent than CBD — at least in some circumstances — as a result of the findings of a single study from 2006. According to the relevant study, hydrogenated CBD exhibited a remarkably high affinity for CB1 neuroreceptors in the brain. 
Even while the level of affinity wasn’t quite as strong as what is seen with THC, it was still noticeable. This perspective was supported by a 2017 assessment of the literature, but no recent investigations into the bioactive aspects of H4CBD had been made. 
Anecdotally, users of H4CBD have reported that ingesting this cannabinoid has a similar effect as ingesting a 2:1 CBD:THC product. There is a slight sense of intoxication that may assist ease the discomfort or make the effects of CBD more pleasant while the usual, non-intoxicating effects of CBD are still prominent.


Overall, it would be a safe assumption that H4CBD might provide a potency that is roughly three times that of CBD. It’s frequently asserted that H4CBD is 100 times more potent than regular CBD, but even if that were true, it would only apply to the potency of CBD at your CB1 receptors, which was already quite low.
In terms of mathematics, if you take a small amount and multiply it by 100, you are still left with a small amount. It might be a stretch to state that H4CBD is “100 times more effective” than CBD universally, but the possible increased activity of H4CBD at your CB1 receptors certainly seems worth exploring further.


Cannabinoids, both synthetic and natural, are currently the subject of intense debate regarding their legality. The majority of cannabinoids are regarded as legal as long as they are not delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol. WeeDutch will keep an eye on this space to see if there are any further developments.


Between the two, CBD is currently the cannabinoid that is most generally accessible. But the demand for H4CBD is rising quickly, which will inevitably result in the creation of a wider range of goods. A brand-new hemp renaissance is already underway as high-quality H4CBD distillates, isolates, and completed products begin to surface online.

How to pick the top supplier of H4CBD

Given that H4CBD is a relatively new cannabinoid, it’s crucial that you pick an established supplier of H4CBD products. The ideal H4CBD producer will be well-known and have a stellar reputation.
You should be given the option between preformulated and custom-formulated products, and their facilities should be certified and fully compliant. The top H4CBD provider for your requirements will designate a customer care specialist to assist you throughout the procedure and make sure you’re happy with your new items once they come.

Conclusion: Is H4CBD superior to CBD?

H4CBD has been known to scientists since the 1940s, but it wasn’t until recently that this hydrogenated version of CBD gained notoriety. There is now a thirst for alternatives that might provide even higher advantages as CBD’s popularity soars to levels no one could have predicted. 

Is H4CBD really the underdog that will dethrone CBD as the leading product on the market?It’s improbable because CBD is so well-liked and widely available. But if it’s true that H4CBD is more potent than regular CBD in some aspects, it will undoubtedly create a market that has to be filled with goods.

Instead of thinking about H4CBD and CBD as rivals, take into account their combined advantages: The natural, lower-strength option might be CBD, whereas the slightly modified, higher-potency option might be H4CBD. Both CBD and H4CBD will undoubtedly be important components of the current cannabis pharmacopoeia as it develops.

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