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CBC Isolate (98% pure)

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CBC isolate is the complete extraction of Cannabichromene without adding any cannabinoids, flavonoids, or terpenes.  Due to the lack of all other components, this isolate is completely odorless and tasteless. Our CBC Oil is >98% pure. 

Because there is less CBC in the plant, it is less frequent in the market than CBD or THC. The stimulating properties of CBC helped it gain notice and prominence in the field of herbal substances, and users indicated their desire to employ this component of the hemp plant in this way. An increasing market for CBC Isolate prompted manufacturers and reputable suppliers to expand their product offerings.

Characteristics of CBC Isolate

CBC is achieved by using efficient extraction methods, such as chromatography. This manufacturing procedure helps separate the numerous hemp plant components and gather them separately so that each cannabinoid can profit only from the benefits of the other. In this manner, the CBC is extracted from the hemp plant in its purest form.

The isolation procedure also removes all plant materials, apart from the other components and cannabinoids. The clear, colorless isolate can be a valuable tool for those who only desire to benefit from CBC.

Uses and Applications of CBC

The entourage effect is sometimes referred to as the synergy between CBC isolates and other cannabinoids. Its analgesic and sedative properties make it helpful in treating many ailments.

You can alleviate specific health issues by taking CBC. CBC is an effective cancer-preventative agent after an investigation into its role in reducing tumor growth and inflammation. In 2006, a study found that it could be a cancer-fighting agent.


CBC has been explored for various conditions and uses such as.

  • reducing inflammation-induced hyper-motility in the gastrointestinal tract. 
  • Analgesic
  • Reduces pain
  • acne medication
  • migraine therapy

Get Wholesale CBC isolate from Weedutch

There are no flavonoids, terpenes, or other cannabinoids in CBC isolation, a full-spectrum extract of cannabichromene. Our CBC is the product for you if you want to introduce CBC items to your brand. Due to the low wholesale prices offered by Weedutch, it is possible to include CBC Isolate in your product formulations at wholesale price.

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