CBT Cannabicitran Isolate – +98%


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CBT Cannabicitran Isolate – +98%

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In the market, there is a growing interest in CBT, an extremely rare minor cannabinoid. A uniform analytical standard for CBT identification and quantification remains challenging to acquire.

CBT Cannabicitran Isolate, a cannabinoid molecule that originates from the THC branch of the cannabinoid family tree, is a cannabinoid that’s been gaining popularity.

Characteristics of CBT Cannabicitran Isolate – +98%

In terms of the chemical structure, a diether indicates that CBT and CBD share the same chemical bond. Science may be able to utilize CBT to mark the end of all known cannabinoids in a sample because of its unique property of being the last cannabinoid retained on a chromatography column.

Cannabidiol and cannabicitran are derived from THCA and CBDA, respectively. The molecular weight and structure of every molecule are unique. Cannabicitran is usually thought of as CBT in the hemp sector, even though its structure was first described in 1970. Since 1974, scientists have known it to be a member of the cannabis Sativa family.

Uses and Applications of CBT Isolate – +98%

It’s not known whether CBT has any therapeutic value, although there’s some speculation among cannabis scientists that it might do so. Because of this, when combined with a CBD (cannabidiol) product, it can offer additional health benefits. Adding it to CBD products, such as vape oils, helps to keep them from crystallizing.

In a 2007 study on the addictive characteristics of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), CBT was found to lower THC’s psychoactive activity. While they both lack the intoxicating properties of CBD, the similarities end there. CBD, like CBT, can reduce the euphoric effects of THC, just like CBT. CBT does not crystallize, whereas CBD does. For the most part, that’s what separates the two.

Get Wholesale CBT Cannabicitran – +98% from Weedutch

If you’re looking for CBT Cannabicitran Isolate – +98% wholesale, you can get it in bulk from Weedutch, although CBT is a rare cannabinoid. This raw ingredient can be used in various consumer health and wellness products.

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