Full Spectrum CBD Oil 25%


Full Spectrum CBD Oil 25%

Note: All of our prices are either in kilograms or liters (oils). Bottling, labeling and/or packaging is possible in consultation.

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 4  825,00
5 - 9 3.64 %  795,00
10 - 14 9.09 %  750,00
15+ 12.73 %  720,00
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About Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil 25%

Multiple cannabis plant components, such as terpenes, cannabinoids like cannabinol, and essential oils are all included in a full-spectrum CBD oil. Traces of THC, the cannabinoid in the cannabis plant that gives users a ‘high’, may also be present in full-spectrum CBD oils but only up to 0.3% which is insufficient to produce noticeable psychotropic effects. This THC level is also acceptable and legal in most if not all parts of the EU.

Benefits of Full Spectrum CBD Oil 25%

Create new CBD products with the full spectrum CBD oil 25% or add it to your product lineup as-is to give your customers the chance to experience these benefits:

  1. More Natural than Other CBDs

Full-spectrum CBD oil 25% undergoes less processing than other types of CBD oils allowing it to retain as much of its natural components and terpenoids. This makes it closer to the natural hemp plant itself. This makes them ideal to sell as tinctures under your brand.

  1. Help Reduce Pain and Muscle Inflammation

Many CBD users look to full spectrum CBD oils to relieve the pain they feel and reduce inflammation brought about by different ailments. Create gel capsules out of these oils and your customers can intake them as vitamins along with their daily vitamin routine.

  1. Helps with Various Skin Problems

The anti-inflammatory properties of a full spectrum CBD oil 25% can also help reduce the activity of sebaceous glands resulting in lesser acne and other skin conditions. Add topical creams and skincare products to your store with the full spectrum CBD oil as the main ingredient.

Shop for Wholesale Full Spectrum CBD Oil 25% at WeeDutch

WeeDutch is where you can get premium full spectrum CBD oil 25% for your business needs! Because they are produced from natural ingredients, our products are devoid of harsh and harmful chemicals. The WeeDutch team also continuously innovates our products to offer you the best goods that will support the success of your company.

Order your 25% full spectrum CBD oil and while you’re at it, browse our other products too!

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Type of Oil

Full Spectrum

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1 Liter

Retour and Insurance

Dont like the quality of goods?

We can send a sample with each product on request, so that you do not have to open the sealed product. This allows you to test the product without damaging the order. If you do not like the product, it can be exchanged or fully refunded within 14 days. The product must be in official packaging, without the sealed packaging having been opened.

Insurance for stolen, lost and damaged goods

If a shipment is lost. Then submit a claim and we will process the claim within 24 hours and pay within 4 days or send a new order.


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