CBC Isolate Oil 10%


CBC Isolate Oil 10%

Note: All of our prices are either in kilograms or liters (oils). Bottling, labeling and/or packaging is possible in consultation.

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 4  1.375,00
5 - 9 1.82 %  1.350,00
10 - 14 5.82 %  1.295,00
15+ 9.09 %  1.250,00
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Profit from the exploding market for hemp and CBD products at wholesale prices.

No matter if you’re a store looking to start your brand of CBD goods, a farmer searching for high quality, improved varieties of bulk hemp seeds, or a brand currently looking for top-grade CBD isolation, WeeDutch can assist you!

You’ll save a bundle on top-of-the-line CBD bulk order when you shop with WeeDutch. Company owners who want to profit from Europe’s current craze for superior CBD products have a huge opportunity since CBD is sweeping the continent.

About Our Bulk CBC Isolate Oil 10%

Our bulk order for CBC oil is the best cannabichromene product available on the market today. It’s derived entirely from hemp and is legal in the United States. An orange-colored, low to moderately viscosity oil that will not freeze is what you’ll find in this product. To prevent CBC from degrading into cannabicyclol (CBL), it must be stored in a cold, dark environment away from direct sunlight.

Benefits of CBC Isolate Oil 10%

CBD may provide a variety of health benefits for people such as providing relief for the following:

  • Chronic ailment
  • An ailment of the joints
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Respiratory disorders
  • Neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s
  • Alzheimer’s disease

Some of these applications are backed up by research.

Applications and Uses of Bulk CBC Isolate Oil 10%

One size does not fit all when it comes to CBG consumption. Everyone’s reaction will be different, depending on their chemistry and the product’s quality. Take the lowest dose possible and work your way up from there.

Starting low and slow and gradually increasing your dosage is always the best strategy. The brand or manufacturer should clearly label the percentage of CBG in each product.

Get Your Bulk Order of CBC Isolate Oil 10% from WeeDutch

In WeeDutch’s pursuit of the cleanest CBD and the most cutting-edge CBD products on the market, we are inspired by nature and cutting-edge technology. With our superior business and being the best B2B supplier, we’re involved in every step of the process—from selecting the best soil for our plants to using the most efficient extraction methods and delivering the goods on time. This allows us to provide our customers with a comprehensive service and a reliable product of the highest quality. WeeDutch’s superiority has been validated by a third party, and we couldn’t be more pleased about that.

For your bulk order and wholesale supply of CBC isolate oil 10%, get in touch with us and we will fulfill your requirements.

Retour and Insurance

Dont like the quality of goods?

We can send a sample with each product on request, so that you do not have to open the sealed product. This allows you to test the product without damaging the order. If you do not like the product, it can be exchanged or fully refunded within 14 days. The product must be in official packaging, without the sealed packaging having been opened.

Insurance for stolen, lost and damaged goods

If a shipment is lost. Then submit a claim and we will process the claim within 24 hours and pay within 4 days or send a new order.


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