CBDA Isolate Oil 2,5%


CBDA Isolate Oil 2,5%

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1 - 4  240,00
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10 - 14 18.75 %  195,00
15+ 25 %  180,00
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About Our CBDA Isolate Oil 2,5%

Although it is not widely known, cannabidiolic acid CBDA is a cannabinoid that has significant potential as a medicinal agent. CBDA has shown promising results in treating a variety of medical conditions, including inflammation, anxiety, seizures, and even some forms of cancer, according to preliminary research. In the field of cannabinoid-based medicine, CBDA is now considered cutting edge.

Benefits of CBDA Isolate Oil 2,5%

Even though studies on CBDA’s potential advantages are just getting started, scientists are optimistic that CBDA will help people feel better physically and mentally without the usage of drugs that have the potential to harm them in the long run. CBDA Isolate Oil’s primary advantages are as follows:

  1. Helps Control Seizures

When the EMA (European medicnes Evaluation Agency) approved Epidiolex, a CBD-based medicinal, it sparked a surge of interest in CBD as the first cannabis-derived prescription drug treatment for drug-resistant epilepsy. Therefore, its acidic progenitor may lessen the intensity the frequency of seizures.

Studies contrasting CBDA and CBD have been conducted by GW Pharma, the pharmaceutical firm behind Epidiolex. Their research essentially concluded that less CBDA was needed to be successful, which is good news because it reduces the potential for CBDA’s undesirable side effects. CBDA has shown more efficacy than CBD in decreasing seizures in several studies.

  1. Relieves Nausea

Ontario’s Guelph University conducted a study comparing CBD and CBDA for their varying severity effects on nausea and vomiting. CBDA was a proven effective treatment for motion sickness and toxin-induced vomiting.

The studies showed that CBDA was very helpful in alleviating preoperative nausea. That’s what happens when nausea sets up before a round of chemotherapy. CBDA is a promising avenue for treating this type of nausea, for which there are currently no effective therapies.

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