CBDA Isolate Oil 5%


CBDA Isolate Oil 5%

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About Our CBDA Isolate Oil 5%

Cannabidiolic acid CBDA is an acidic precursor to cannabidiol and a non-psychoactive cannabinoid in the cannabis plant CBD. While there has been a lot of talk about the advantages of cannabidiol CBD, its acidic counterpart, CBDA, has gotten much less attention, although it’s just as beneficial.

Benefits of CBDA Isolate Oil 5%

Cannabis-derived cannabidiol CBDA has been met with cautious optimism by researchers, who believe it has the potential to improve people’s physical and mental health without the use of potentially harmful pharmaceuticals. Here, then, are the most prominent benefits of CBDA Isolate Oil:

  1. Anti-Inflammatory

Because of its properties as a specific Cox-2 inhibitor, CBDA may be able to alleviate inflammation. Inhibiting these enzymes gives NSAIDs like ibuprofen and aspirin their anti-inflammatory properties. Damage to the digestive system may result from chronic usage of certain medications.

To prevent serious harm to the stomach and intestinal walls, scientists have focused on developing selective Cox-2 inhibitors that have not been shown to inhibit Cox-1 enzymes. CBDA’s effects are similar to NSAIDs but without digestive system damage.

  1. Potential Cancer Treatment

CBDA was found to have the potential to inhibit the growth of a subset of breast cancer cells in a preclinical study. In particular, it appeared that therapy with CBDA impeded the spread of breast cancer cells.

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