THCP isolate Oil 1%


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THCP isolate Oil 1%

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About Our THCP isolate Oil 1%

When compared to products derived from illegal marijuana, our THCP is a safe and legal alternative. THCP has only lately been available in the hemp market. And WeeDutch is here to provide you with quality THCP isolate oil products. We provide wholesale THCP, enabling you to market it under your own label.

Benefits of THCP isolate Oil 1%

Although THCP is a key component of cannabis, there is currently limited research on it. Regardless, the findings and potential medical uses are compelling. These benefits are from the legal studies made so far by researchers and reports from users making them highly credible.

  1. Highly Accessible

It is easier to obtain than Delta-9 THC because it is authorised under federal law, and it may offer effects that are comparable to but more potent than Delta-9. Customers that need it can easily find suppliers such as WeeDutch that provides it legally.

  1. Prevents Nausea

Studies have shown that THCP can prevent nausea. Nausea is stomach distress that frequently precedes vomiting. Forcibly expelling reflux through the mouth, either voluntarily or involuntarily, is what we call vomiting.

  1. Analgesic Effects

According to scientific studies and consumer reports, the effects of THCP are similar to those of THC, but THCP is far more potent. THCP has analgesic effects where it helps to relieve pain and reduce symptoms of mild illnesses.

Shop for Wholesale THCP isolate Oil 1%

WeeDutch is the best B2B supplier around, and we would love to collaborate with you on the creation of your next product if you place a bulk order with us. As a white and private label manufacturer, we have the high-quality goods you need for your stores. We will help you build your own brand by supplying you with the best in quality THCP products. Place your order now for our THCP bulk products.

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We can send a sample with each product on request, so that you do not have to open the sealed product. This allows you to test the product without damaging the order. If you do not like the product, it can be exchanged or fully refunded within 14 days. The product must be in official packaging, without the sealed packaging having been opened.

Insurance for stolen, lost and damaged goods

If a shipment is lost. Then submit a claim and we will process the claim within 24 hours and pay within 4 days or send a new order.


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