CBD Crude THC Free


CBD Crude THC Free

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For most users, CBD is an extremely beneficial compound with a wide range of potential applications. THC-free CBD products, like our CBD crude, are becoming increasingly popular as users seek out the benefits of CBD without the psychoactive effects of THC. Learn more about CBD and its benefits below, or shop our selection of CBD products now.

Origin of CBD Crude THC-free

CBD is a short term for cannabidiol, which is a compound found in hemp plants. Unlike THC, our product does not produce any psychoactive effects. It means that it will not get you high or alter your state of mind.

CBD crude is a type of CBD oil that has been extracted from hemp plants using a supercritical CO2 extraction process. This process preserves the beneficial compounds in the plant while removing the THC, resulting in a pure CBD product.

Uses and Applications of CBD Crude THC-free

THC-free CBD products are ideal for those looking to enjoy the benefits of CBD without any unwanted side effects. CBD crude is a particularly popular choice for those looking to make their CBD products at home, as it can be used to create a variety of CBD-infused products.

CBD crude is a thick, oily substance that is dark in color and has a strong, earthy smell. It is typically sold in syringes or jars and can be stored at room temperature. CBD crude can be used in several ways, including:


CBD crude can be vaporized using a specialized vaporizer or e-cigarette. It is one of the quickest ways to experience the effects of CBD, as it is absorbed directly into the lungs.


Dabbing is another popular way to consume CBD crude. A small amount of the oil is placed on a heated surface and inhaled. This method is also very efficient, as the CBD is absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

Oral Consumption

CBD crude can also be consumed orally. It can be added to food or drinks or taken directly from the jar. Oral consumption is a good choice for long-lasting effects, as it takes longer to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Topical Application

CBD crude can also be applied topically. It can be used to make DIY CBD-infused creams and lotions or added to existing products. Topical application is a good choice for localized relief from pain or inflammation.

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