Moon Rocks

Moon rocks are one of the most costly strains available at your dispensary, and for a good reason. They are also the most potent type of cannabis on the market. It is not difficult to create a moon rock if you have the amount of flower, kief, and hash oil. When a moon rock is done, it should be impossible to discern the original appearance of the nug. 

They cannot be smoked in the same manner as conventional marijuana. So we will cover your with the best, high end moonrocks on the market:

Origin of Moon Rocks

Kurupt, a former rapper-turned-cannabis entrepreneur, is cited as a possible source for these products. The Los Angeles-based artist  has a trademarked line of moon rocks dubbed “Kurupt’s Moonrock.”

Moon rocks were created by Kurupt and fellow rapper Dr. Zodiac. Besides Kurupt’s Moonrock, moon rock variants have also been marketed in dispensaries across the country.

Clinics in Colorado have been known to sell various variants of moon rock for up to €1.400 per ounce. Producing moon rocks at home is a straightforward and gratifying process.

Uses and Applications of Moon Rocks

Moon rocks are an underrated type of cannabis. They were designed for smoking enthusiasts seeking to enhance their experience. Unless you consume cannabis concentrates, smoking moon rocks is guaranteed to be a trip. 

Again, Moon rocks are flower nuggets coated with a sticky concentration and rolled in a knife. It is considered more potent than regular flowers and more economical than concentrates. But why use them?

  • They are the one-stop shop for getting as high as possible.
  • Buying the three materials will cost more than purchasing one gram of moon rocks.
  • Excellent for those who demand a strong CBD dosage.
  • Always a delightful party favor and topic of conversation.

Get Wholesale Moon Rocks from Weedutch

Moon rocks are a great way to get smoke CBD. They are made by combining cannabis with hashish and then rolling it in kief. To get your hands on some moon rocks, visit Weedutch.

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