Relaxation Vape Extract – 42-46% CBD


Relaxation Vape Extract – 42-46% CBD

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The deep, relaxing waves of CBD that relieve mental and physical tension are only some of the benefits that CBD users love so much about it. The WeeDutch Relaxation Vape Extract contains up to 46% CBD making it ideal for slowing down before meditation, moderate stretching, or quieting the mind before bed. Add a CBD for relaxation line of products to your store with this vape extract as the base ingredient.

Characteristics of Relaxation Vape Extract

WeeDutch’s Relaxation Extract contains a powerful 42 to 46% CBD content, as well as other pure ingredients, to help users achieve a soothing effect while managing chronic pain, migraines, and other bodily aches. This vape extract is similar to other extracts, with the exception that it has a relaxing effect due to its above-average CBD levels. It doesn’t have an overbearing flavor or taste either, making it simple to mix into vape liquid blends and refill vape cartridges. Its consistency is nearly identical to that of other forms of vape extracts as well.

Uses and Applications of Relaxation Extract

Because of the many products you can create from a wholesale supply of Relaxation Extract from WeeDutch, it is one of the best investments you can make for your business. You can make:

  1. E -Liquids for Vaping

Because of its great potency, you can mix it with other vape carriers and flavoring ingredients to form your own personalized vape juice blend.

  1. Disposable Vape Pens

You can add a single-use vape pen preloaded with high-quality vape extract to your product line. It will surely be a hit among newbies and seasoned vapers alike.

  1. Reusable Vape Pens

If you currently sell reusable vape pens, you can also pre-load them with vape extracts for the convenience of your customers. You can even offer them a bundle of vape pens with relaxation vape extract refills.

Get Wholesale Relaxation Vape Extract from WeeDutch

Only WeeDutch has the best Relaxation Vape Extract – 42-46% CBD at the best price! You can avoid having to constantly restock your CBD staples by buying in bulk from us to ultimately save money and boost your profits!

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