Full Spectrum Vape Liquid CBD – 20%


Vape Liquid CBD Full Spectrum – 20%

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Our high concentration full-spectrum CBD vape liquid gives the option of a more powerful dose for those who need it. In addition, its effects may be more potent with a high concentration per volume, and a richer experience lasts longer.

Many users prefer this concentration for muscle soreness or severe pain symptoms. However, different people have unique responses to various percentages, so it’s best to know your needs before exploring higher concentrations.

Characteristics of Full Spectrum Vape Liquid CBD 20%

Generally used by athletes or people experiencing chronic pain with increasing severity, 20% CBD concentrations may help provide quicker and longer-lasting relief. The entourage effect is greatly enhanced, and the experience is better appreciated without being “stoned.

People requiring higher doses benefit from achieving the desired concentration for the same volume, thereby saving on cost and minimizing repetitive intakes.

Uses and Applications of Full Spectrum Vape Liquid CBD 20%

This product may be used with other CBD ingestibles like candies and drops. Being a vape liquid offers an alternative application to achieve the best results. Here are some applications that have shown promising evidence:

  • May help relieve muscle soreness—athletes have reported better relief from aching muscles after a long workout
  • May give temporary relief from cancer-related pain—anecdotal evidence indicates a relationship between CBD treatments and cancer therapy.
  • Anecdotal evidence point to a reduction in epileptic seizure frequency—patients with epilepsy taking CBD with this concentration seem to have lesser attacks

Get Wholesale Full Spectrum Vape Liquid CBD 20% from Weedutch

Weedutch supports the use of CBD for health and wellness safely and responsibly. As a wholesale B2B seller of this product, we are confident in that claim.

Our 20 years of experience improving CBD methods assures businesses that purchase from us receive high-quality extracts, which they then pass on to their clients. Contact us to learn more about how our wholesale (in liters) volumes can save you money.

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    Thanks WeeDutch, Great product with high percentage of CBD!

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