Full-spectrum CBD Distillates contains all the cannabinoids and plant compounds also 0.05-0.2% THC whereas the broad spectrum CBD Distillates has 0% THC. The distillates we use has undergone a distillation and winterisation process in order to preserve only the cannabinoids and some terpenes. This is the most rened purest full spectrum extract where synergies between the individual cannabinoids work best.

About Cannabinoid distillates

Cannabinoid distillates are becoming more and more popular in the cannabis industry due to their usefulness, versatility, wide potential, potency, and legal compliance. With a wide range of potential uses, distillates are the most in-demand form of cannabinoid for most businesses that develop and distribute CBD-infused products.

Cannabinoid distillates are some of the purest forms of CBD in the market. Distillates are refined extracts of the cannabis plant wherein only one specific form of cannabinoid is found. Plant extracts undergo various distillation and winterization processes to purify the compound and strip off other chemicals such as fats, lipids, waxes, and terpenes resulting in a non-viscous, translucent oil containing a pure form of CBD, with minimal, often a negligible percentage of undesirable compounds. Distillates are popular choices for CBD product manufacturers as it delivers a more potent concentration of CBD, and other compounds like terpenes and THC can be added to induce the aroma, flavor, and effects that are desired.

Due to its potency and versatility, CBD distillate has endless potential for use in many industries. Extending far beyond mainstream recreational use, Cannabinoid distillates have overwhelming applications in the medical, beauty, anti-aging, wellness, food and drink, sports, and pet care industry among others.

Cannabinoids – Health and wellness 

Various researches have pointed to the anxiety and depression-reducing properties of CBD, along with its myriad of health benefits that include treatment for pain, nausea, insomnia, migraine, epilepsy, sclerosis, and other forms of inflammation. Cannabinoid distillates can be used for vapes, bongs, pipes, dab rigs, and others to deliver health and wellness benefits and to create a relaxing environment. They also make for excellent pet treats to help with pet ailments and pains.

Cannabinoids – Beauty

CBD has antioxidants and vitamins that help improve the appearance and quality of skin and hair, making it a powerful ingredient in the cosmetic industry. Its non-comedogenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and protective properties make Cannabinoid distillates a popular ingredient in many topical creams, moisturizers, lotions, face washes, shampoos, hair masks, and other beauty products.

Cannabinoids – Sports

CBD has seen a rapid increase in usage since it has been removed as a prohibited substance by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Since then, it has been a common ingredient in topical creams for muscle pain and injury, protein bars, and sports drinks for its pain reduction, anti-inflammatory, and improved recovery benefits.

Cannabinoids – Food and beverage

The increasing popularity of CBD in the culinary and beverage industry has been unprecedented in recent years. CBD distillate is an easy and effective way to incorporate CBD in food and drinks while having full control of the concentration and quantity that goes into the food. It is now common to find cocktails, coffees, teas, cookies, chocolates, and other dishes infused with CBD distillate.

If you are a business or a corporation looking to expand your products by exploring the competitive advantages of having CBD-infused products in your inventory, then WeeDutch is here to help you do just that.

CBD-infused products are becoming more and more popular and mainstream in today’s current environment. Leverage the rising popularity and awareness of the market regarding the health benefits of CBD by developing new products that deliver potent benefits of CBD.

WeeDutch is a reliable professional wholesale supplier of high-quality CBD distillate and other CBD-based concentrates to businesses worldwide. Our stringent procurement, distillation, winterization, and isolation processes create top-tier products that will comply with and surpass industry quality standards.


Legal compliance. Our full-spectrum distillate contains a high concentration of cannabinoids with only 0.05-0.2% THC whereas our broad-spectrum has 0% THC, well below the legal limit of 0.3% or 0.2% in most EU countries.

Precision. We utilize long-term research, advanced technology, precise equipment, and brilliant minds in every step of our process. You can be sure that no matter how huge your bulk order is, every drop of the distillate contains an accurate concentration.

Professionalism. We are a trusted B2B supplier of wholesale Cannabinoid distillates and other products. We deliver timely and professionally, and every product has passed meticulous screening to ensure top quality for our clients.

Customization. We understand that every business has different needs, let us know the specific formulation of distillate you need and we can customize a product for you.

For quality, pure, and potent Cannabinoid distillates for your business, WeeDutch is here to deliver above and beyond your expectations. Browse through our collection of high-quality, pure distillates or contact us for customized formulations.

For more information about how we process our distillates, the equipment we use, the quality of our products, or if you want to place a customized wholesale order for your business, contact us now.

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