Crystal Resistant Distillate 50,7%


Crystal Resistant Distillate 41,6% CBD

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Crystal Resistant Distillate (CRD) is a form of CBD extract that is resistant to crystallization. Because of its crystallization tendency, CBD is one of a set of cannabinoids that is unfavorable for use in vape cartridges. Recrystallization isn’t dangerous, but it is unattractive and can significantly alter the experience of smoking CBD.

Characteristics of Crystal Resistant 50,7%

It’s comparable to our broad-spectrum distillate (BSD), but this material has undergone an additional treatment that keeps it from crystallizing for up to 3 months. There are no traceble amounts of THC in the crystal-resistant distillate, but it has even more minor cannabinoids than wider distillate. The total cannabinoid percentage of this Crystal Resistant Distillate is 50,7%. The cannabis profile of this distillate is:

CBD: 34,5%
CBG:  1,7%
CBDV: 0,62%
CBC: 6,27%
CBN: 4,78%
CBL: 0,6%
CBT: 10,7%
CBE: 4,18%

Uses and Applications of Crystal Resistant

Applications for Crystal Resistant Distillate are numerous. When a high concentration of minor cannabinoids is sought in topical creams and tinctures, many customers turn to CRD as a distillate.

CRD is commonly used in high-quality vape pens to prevent CBD crystallization and clogged airflows. If you’re like most vape pen users, you hate it when it gives you problems.

Providing a crystal-resistant distillate in CBD disposable vapes excites service providers like us. To avoid crystallization, we do not need to apply cutting agents because of this method. Consequently, our vaporizers are among the most natural products available today.

Using CRD in high-quality gummies and tinctures for consumers who want the most diverse minor terpene and cannabinoid profile possible may enhance synergistic effects. CRD has only recently begun to be used in these products.

Get Wholesale Crystal Resistant Distillate from Weedutch

Weedutch is a significant provider of hemp cannabinoids. With wholesale costs that don’t sacrifice quality or consistency, we take great pride in being able to offer premium extracts. For wholesale Crystal Resistant 50,7% percent CBD products, you can rely on us to help you grow your own business. Call us at if you’d like to learn more.

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  1. Kiera

    Best Destillate in Europe! Thank you

  2. Eugenio

    The service was great but the Crystal Resistant Distillate beter!

  3. Maximo

    Good Quality!

  4. Lon

    It was better then i imagined. Our clients really like this distallate!

  5. Edna Steffen

    I do believe this is a great product!

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