Crystal Resistant Distillate

Crystal Resistant Distillate or CRD, is a specialized form of distillate designed to resist crystallization. This ensures that the Cannabinoids remains in a liquid state, which is particularly beneficial for vape cartridges and certain formulations where a liquid consistency is desired.

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High-purity Cannabinoids naturally tends to crystallize over time, especially at cooler temperatures. In vape cartridges, this can lead to clogging or uneven dosing. CRD helps to address this issue by maintaining a consistent liquid state.

The primary difference is the formulation. CRD is processed in a way, often by including minor cannabinoids or adjusting the cannabinoid potency, to prevent the crystallization that can occur in typical distillates.

Yes, when produced by reputable manufacturers, CRD is safe to consume. It retains the natural properties of cannabinoids while offering the added benefit of a consistent liquid state.

CRD is particularly advantageous for vape products and certain tinctures or formulations where a clear, non-crystallizing appearance and consistency are preferred.

No, CRD retains the potency of cannabinoids, and its efficacy remains consistent. The primary benefit is its resistance to crystallization, ensuring a uniform consistency.