CBD Amnesia Flower


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CBD Amnesia Flower

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Belonging to the third main major lineages in the world of cannabis, the CBD amnesia flower is a combination of the Sativa lineage and the Indica lineage.

Though it belongs to the hybrid strain, it has its own special trait. It comes with a lower THC level, which is required for it to reach its maximum potential. Its CBD concentration is at an impressively high level, which is why it is such a popular name among the Dutch and even across Europe.

Characteristics of CBD Amnesia Flower

A good part of its popularity is due to its aroma and flavor.

Flower Appearance: The flower itself is a beauty with tiny hair-like vesicles that look like crystals and house the terpenes and majority of the plant’s cannabinoids.

Aroma: The flower’s terpenes are the source of its scent, which is subtle yet pronounced. It is a mix of authentic woody flavors that have a character of their own. It is a wonderful fusion of citrus, pepper and pine plus some hints of fruits, especially grapefruit. The sweet and tart combination is unique and loved by many.

Uses and Applications of Amnesia Flower

This strain can come in the following forms, which are based largely on the usage.

Resin:This is a creamy and somewhat fatty matter that is derived from the CBD amnesia flower and can be included in food preparation.

Wax: This is a crumbly and dry wax that results from the crystallized oil of this strain. This can be dabbed and inhaled or mixed with drinks and even food items. Some also used this through vaping or an e-cigarette.

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