NY Diesel CBD Flower


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NY Diesel CBD Flower

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A member of the hemp genetics Cannabis Sativa, the NY Diesel CBD Flower has myrcene as its dominant terpene. It is a fusion of Mexican Sativa and Afghani landrace. It is also referred to as New York Diesel and Soma Sour Diesel. Bred by geneticist Soma of Soma Seeds in 1997, the strain is named NYC Diesel to honor the city of his childhood.

Characteristics of NY Diesel CBD Flower

This strain can be recognized for the following characteristics:

Smell: The odor of the NY Diesel flower is a pungent fuel aroma followed by the scent of grapefruit and lime. This makes for a relaxing take after dessert to help flow gently into a deeply relaxed state.

Appearance: It has quite an exquisite beauty in its appearance with pistils in a dark orange hue with hints of purple. A good amount of resin can also be observed in this strain.

Uses and Applications of NY Diesel Flower

The effects of this strain are generally uplifting, promoting a happy and relaxed mood. Below are some of its popular applications.

Tea: It is traditionally consumed in the form of a tea drink mixed with coconut oil and a little milk.

Vaping: It is also great for vaping because of the high level of bioavailability.

Get Wholesale NY Diesel CBD Flower from Weedutch

Whether it is to add to your tea product or to create a new vape flavor for your beloved customers, you have to use the top-quality NY Diesel CBD flower as your main ingredient. It is an essential aspect in ensuring that your product is of the best quality for your consumers’ sake and for your brand to continuously progress. There is no better place for you to go but us at Weedutch. Give us a call and learn more about how our NY Diesel flower is the ideal option for you.

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NY Diesel

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