White Widow CBD Flower


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White Widow CBD Flower

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The White Widow CBD Flower is a hybrid strain that fuses the genetics of Brazilian landrace and South Indian Indica. It was initially bred in the 1900s by Green House Seeds. It has always been valued highly in the world of hash production and comes with a high trichome level. When it was first introduced in the market, most of the already available products were of the hybrid variety, and White Widow did not take a long time before catching up with the popular ones.

Characteristics of White Widow CBD Flower

Below are some of the characteristics of the White Widow CBD Flower

Physical Appearance: The buds of this flower are quite conical in shape and have a chunky look. Their structure has a fluffier and loose texture, making it really easy to break down the flower even with its sticky nature. The leaves’ colors are of a spring green hue, and a few pistils are usually visible.

Odor: Its odor is less impressive compared to that of other flowers. It is often described as stinging and replicating the scent of ammonia with a hint of pine and its earthy musk. When you break the buds, the aroma is very similar to that of a hash incense flavor.

Uses and Applications of White Widow CBD Flower

This strain offers a rather quick effect, making it perfect for the different applications, as discussed below.

Creative Pill: It is a great ingredient for a product that helps an individual achieve a more detailed perception of the environment, fueling creativity in arts and other fields.

Mood Enhancer: It is also effective in quick improvement of the mood and increasing the energy levels.

Get Wholesale White Widow Flower from Weedutch

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White Widow

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