Afghan CBD Hash


Afghan CBD Hash

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The term “Black Afghan” is used to describe a type of cannabis high in THC. It is a potent and popular strain of marijuana that originates from Afghanistan. Black Afghan CBD Hash is a type of cannabis that is black and has a powerful odor. It is a potent Indica strain that is said to be one of the most potent strains available.

Black Afghan is an Indica-dominant strain with uplifting and sedative effects. The blooms develop as jade-colored, pine-shaped colas with dark green, black sugar leaves. Black Afghan is an aromatic blend of pepper, earth, and sage covered with dark berries. It hints at the strain’s intellectual and physical benefits.

This strain’s cerebral, relaxing, munchie-inducing effects make it ideal for a relaxed afternoon.

Origin of Black Afghan CBD Hash

Black Afghan CBD Hash is a hybrid between an Afghan landrace strain and Sensi Seeds’ Black Dominance. These plants can be grown indoors or outdoors in hot and humid areas. Due to its landrace origins, the strain is quite resilient and resistant to mold. Indica plants are often short and bushy. They have a flowering time of 56 to 63 days when grown indoors.

Uses and Applications of Black Afghan

Black Afghan aids in relieving pain. Data shows that 32% of people claim it relieves discomfort. 29% of people claim it reduces stress, and 29% of respondents claim it helps with anxiety.

Black Afghan stands out because it has big, bright flowers. These buds stick together in a more typical way of landrace sativas like Thai. The long, thin leaves twist away from each other loose, giving these flowers a rough look.

The most exciting thing about these leaves is that they are darker purple than green. This is because Black Domina gave them a lot of the pigment anthocyanin. The bright orange pistils stand out against the dark green leaves. The sticky white trichomes make them feel very tacky.

Get Wholesale Black Afghan from Weedutch

Weedutch is excited to offer wholesale Black Afghans to our customers. This high-quality strain is perfect for those looking for a relaxing experience. Order today and experience the best in Black Afghans.

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Black Afgan

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