Gold Plated Hash


Gold Plated Hash

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Gold Plated Hash is a cannabis extract formed when trichomes. The sticky glands that line the surface of cannabis plants are removed and processed into a concentrated form. It is usually brown or dark green and comes as brick or ball.

Hash is a solventless extract. That means trichome removal is done with physical manipulation and temperature changes. It is not by using solvents or chemicals. There are several different varieties of hash to make it have been employed for ages

Origin of Gold Plated Hash

Hashish is an Arabic term that  translates to “grass.” Some hashes, such as charas, are the gathering of resin in the hands of a cannabis cultivator.

This cannabis is believed to have existed before written documentation. Mahjoun, a sweet confection containing hashish, is thought to be the first edible cannabis product in Morocco.

After Napoleon’s expedition in Egypt in 1798, French soldiers took hashish back to France. It is where it gained popularity in the 19th century. European physicians imported hashish for research purposes for decades.

This factor led to the development of many extraction techniques that allowed for the further refining of cannabis.

Uses and Applications of Gold Plated Hash

Hashish, often known as a hash, is an intense form of cannabis (marijuana). The plant works by collecting and compressing trichomes. The most active component of cannabis plants. Trichomes are the fine cannabis plant growths that make resin.

Hash has many applications. As it is soluble in oils, butter, and cream, you can also use it to make meals such as brownies. Hashish can also be processed further. The resin is removed and transformed into hash oil, a sticky substance that people “dab” and smoke with e-cigarettes.

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