CBG Amnesia


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CBG Amnesia

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A member of the light cannabis variety, CBG Amnesia originated in California and further developed in Holland. It is one of the world’s most popular cannabis that is considered legal. This is mainly because of its high cannabidiol concentration plus how its characteristics are very similar to its THC version. This strain is non-psychotropic, so it does not affect the endocannabinoid system in a negative way. It has a flowering time of about six to nine weeks and can be grown indoors and in greenhouses.

Characteristics of CBG Amnesia

Below are some of the defining features of this strain.

Looks: Its appearance can be described as compact and inflorescent. It comes with a medium to large buds that are in bright green hues and are filled with resin.

Smell: This strain offers a nice fusion of citrus notes and hints of spiciness. Its haze flavoring is a delight to one’s palate.

Uses and Applications of CBG Amnesia

Research is ongoing to determine the full potential of CBG amnesia. However, below are some of the known applications of this strain.

  1. For Pain Relief

It helps deal with inflammation as well as nausea and pain.

  1. As Cancer Treatment

Although it is not yet determined if CBG can fully eliminate cancer, it has been observed to slow down cancer cell proliferation. It has also Reduced glaucoma-caused eye pressure. There are also significant positive results on Crohn’s disease and inflammatory bowel disease with the help of CBG strains.

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CBG Amnesia

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