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MoonRocks Flower

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A moonrocks flower originated in the USA in 2014 and is one of the most potent variations of cannabis. It has been considered to be the champagne in the world of cannabis, and some people refer to it as cannabis caviar. It is high in THC, which is usually at 50% and is technically a cannabis flower soaked in cannabis oil and rolled in kief.

Cultivation Process of Moonrocks Flower

There are three things that make up the process of creating a moonrocks flower. These are the following:

  1. Choose good-quality dry weed heads. This is critical as it impacts the quality of moonrocks flower manufactured at the end of this process. Bigger and more compact buds are the best ones for your moonrock. The Indica variety or any other hybrid varieties that are Indica-dominant are generally the top choices.
  2. Use high-grade cannabis oil for the bath. It is recommended to go for the organic variety.
  3. Get the nugs covered in kief like rolling it in breadcrumbs. Kief is actually sticky, crystal-like stuff covering a cannabis flower. It is also called dry sift or pollen and has cannabinoids and terpenes.

Uses and Applications of a Moonrocks Flower

Utilizing the potent nature of the moonrocks, below are some of its known uses.

  1. It promotes relaxation, including the feeling of not wanting to move or not being able to move.
  2. It works best for medication purposes with its high THC content.
  3. It helps to increase appetite.
  4. It assists with greater relief from physical pain.

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