Water Soluble Cannabidiol: what you need to know

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Water Soluble Cannabidiol: what you need to know

The cannabis plant is diverse, offering multiple health benefits, some of which have yet to be discovered. Research is still a work in progress, but the data available is promising and points to phytochemicals in the hemp plant being effective alternative health and wellness agents. Cannabinoids, in particular, promise a myriad of benefits, such as pain relief, neuroprotection, alleviation of mental health conditions, relief from inflammation, and alleviation of symptoms associated with terminal illnesses like cancer and HIV. 

Cannabis contains two main cannabinoids; tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). THC is the component that gives cannabis its “high” effect. CBD is the safer, non-intoxicating component. Due to its effectiveness in providing therapeutic benefits without psychotropic effects, CBD has rapidly become a mainstream product. Continued research and innovation have led to the creation of new products, reaching millions of consumers globally. Cannabinoid-based brands are always looking for new ways to make CBD consumption straightforward to provide optimum benefits.

Consequently, in addition to CBD being available in its original oil-based form, technological advancements have led to the creation of a new CBD product referred to as water-soluble CBD. What is this new product, what benefits does it offer, and how does it differ from the CBD oil we have all grown accustomed to? This piece answers all these questions.

What is Water Soluble Cannabidiol?

CBD extracted from hemp plants is in oil form and tends to combine with other oils and lipids as opposed to water, i.e. it is lipophilic. Since the human body consists of 60% water, it is hard for CBD oil to be absorbed effectively. This leads to reduced bioavailability as most of the CBD oil is flushed out of the body without providing benefits. Consequently, a consumer needs to take higher doses of CBD oil to achieve desired effects. 

Water-soluble CBD is created through nanoemulsion technology to create a water-compatible product. This process involves breaking the CBD molecule into nanoparticles, 1/100th the size of a hair follicle width, making it small enough to attach to water molecules. As a result, water-soluble CBD has a higher bioavailability and a quicker onset of effects than CBD oil. This makes it easy to administer by infusing it with water and other beverages. 

Water-soluble CBD is in liquid and powdered forms, making it easy for companies to incorporate the product in various products. Water-soluble CBD is absorbed into the body in the same process as the body would absorb any liquid. Unlike CBD oil, water-soluble CBD does not undergo digestion before it enters the bloodstream. Due to its high solubility, it is absorbed into the bloodstream immediately after it enters the small intestines in what is referred to as first-pass metabolism. It is then taken to the liver for metabolism before entering the system to provide effects and benefits. Water-soluble CBD has a rapid onset of effects, usually around 15 to 20 minutes. 

Types of Water Soluble Cannabidiol

Water-soluble CBD isolates- Contains CBD without other cannabinoids, including Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Water-soluble CBD isolate is a perfect recommendation if you are looking for an efficient product that delivers the benefits of CBD in a fast and potent manner. 

Water-soluble broad-spectrum CBD– Contains CBD and other phytochemicals except for THC. It contains a full range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and vitamins, and it is more beneficial to the consumer. These products are more potent and effective when taken together instead of individually. It is also safe for people who would not want THC, such as athletes or people in high precision or strict professions.

Water-soluble full-spectrum CBD contains cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and traces of THC, albeit in small trails (0.3% or less). This amount of THC is too negligible to cause mind-altering effects but sufficient to foster the entourage effect.

Benefits, advantages, and side effects of Water Soluble Cannabidiol

Benefits and advantages 

  1. Higher absorption rate and bioavailability: water-soluble CBD doesn’t need to be digested before going to the liver for metabolism, thus providing a quick onset of effects. Thanks to its solubility in water, its absorption rate and bioavailability in humans are heightened, which means less dosage is required to achieve desired effects.
  2. Water-soluble CBD is easy to administer as it can be added to water and a wide range of beverages. Additionally, it is easy to determine the dosage using a dropper or a measurable spoon. This way, consumers always know the amount of mg they have taken. 
  3. Water-soluble CBD has a ready market since consumers are always looking for a convenient way to harness the benefits of CBD. This product can be easily added to various foods, drinks, or treats.
  4. The lack of organic solvents makes water-soluble CBD safer for consumption and the environment. 
  5. The product is stable and has an indefinite shelf life
  6. Water-soluble CBD provides the same benefits as CBD oil, only faster and in low doses. This product leads to better moods, calmness, relaxation, improved sleep patterns, and numerous therapeutic benefits. 
  7. The product comes in various flavors to suit the palate needs of different consumers. The diversity makes it appealing to a broader pool of consumers. 

Side effects 

Water-soluble CBD is a relatively new product, and its benefits and side effects haven’t been explored. Some of the side effects include;

  • Fatigue 
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Dry mouth
  • sleepiness

Things to look out for before purchasing water-soluble CBD

Ingredients – Do proper research on elements that the providing company has used in making the soluble CBD. Cross-check whether the ingredients are safe for consumption before use. This is provided in the certificate of analysis (COA)

Shelf stability– Ideally should be 12 months.

Quality assurance– the product should have third-party verifications showing the quality, purity, and potency. 

Where to buy quality cannabinoid products in bulk/wholesale

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Our customer service is exceptional as we focus on ensuring that all your business needs are met. As a B2B, our work is to facilitate the success of cannabinoid-based brands, such as yours, by providing innovative and marketable products to expand your business. Contact us today and experience the difference working with a reliable and professional team of cannabis experts. 





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